Wheeled tractors (Т4)

Category T4.1 — high-clearance tractors designed for use in the processing of tall crops, such as vineyards. They are characterized by an increased height of the chassis or part of the chassis, so that they can move parallel to the rows of plants with an elevation above them. They are designed to be equipped with working bodies that can be installed in front, between axles, behind or on a platform. During operation, the ground clearance of the tractor exceeds 1000 mm. If the ratio of the tractor center of gravity height (with conventional tyres) to the average minimum axle track exceeds 0.9, then the maximum design speed shall not exceed 30 km/h;

Category Т4.2 — extra-wide tractors. They are characterized by considerable size and are designed specifically for processing large agricultural areas;

Category Т4.3 — low-clearance forestry or agricultural tractors with a four-wheel drive, the replaceable working equipment of which is designed to operate in forestry or agriculture, with a carrier frame, one or more power take-off shafts, a technically permissible total mass of not more than 10 tons and a ratio of technically permissible total weight to the maximum curb weight of less than 2.5. The center of gravity height of such tractors (with conventional tyres) is less than 850 mm.

TR CU 031/2011

Annex 4 (table 4.2. Subparagraph 11, 21, 22)


Quadracycles (L6, L7)