Road / Durability tests

Road tests play an important role in the development of modern automotive technology.

Mileage accumulation in various road and climatic conditions is an indispensable part of refinement and preparation of vehicles for mass production.

The development of the automotive industry requires a reduction in testing times. Accelerated test methods allow solving the following problems:
  • accelerated specialized test programs

  • tests for corrosion resistance of vehicles and their components

  • transmission tests

  • climatic tests in cold and heat chambers, humidity chamber, dust chamber

A wide array of tests in natural and reproducible conditions is carried out at the proving ground using uniform methods, which creates ample opportunities for generalization and comparison of the results obtained.

Tests for reliability, durability, failure-free operation and adaptability to various operating conditions on any type of vehicles, including unique ones that do not fit the standard classification

The technical facilities complex and the competence of the engineering and technical staff allows for conducting tests on the track facilities of the proving ground and on public roads in all regions and climatic conditions, from the tropics to the conditions of the far north. Professional preparation of the vehicle for testing, technical support during the testing process by a group of mechanics, specially equipped technical support vehicles, test drivers who have undergone careful selection and training, online data collection and tracking of driving modes can guarantee high-quality and timely testing and research.

Tests on the territory of proving ground consist of accelerated, forced and special methods, worked out to perfection over the years of operation of the proving ground. Modern measuring equipment has made it possible to increase several times the number of controlled parameters and collected data. A complete set of modern diagnostical and measuring equipment allows you to quickly identify the causes of failure of parts and assemblies and transfer data to the customer as soon as possible.

In cooperation with the world's leading companies, new test methods are being developed and mastered.

Corrosion tests

Research directions:

  • Studies on the corrosion resistance of bodies and vehicles

  • Combined cyclic test programs on special tracks of the proving ground and in the salt fog chamber

  • Tests of samples and components for corrosion resistance

  • Assessment of the performance of units and mechanisms after exposure to salt fog and temperature factors

  • Simulation of vehicle operation in a hot and humid climate

  • Comparative tests

  • Assessment of the declared "durability" and the warranty period of the vehicle body from through corrosion

Unique custom corrosion chamber. Internal dimensions are (length × width × height, mm): 12950 × 4950 × 4500.


Research for ergonomic properties assessment