Active safety tests

Active safety is an integral part of the structural safety of vehicles and is determined by a set of measures that contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents at the stage when the driver and (or) the automated control system is able to change the nature of the vehicle's movement.

The laboratory and tracks facilities complex of the NAMI Testing Center allows for research and assessment of such active safety indicators as vehicle steerability and stability, braking efficiency and safety, dynamic qualities, the effectiveness of driver assistance systems, the reliability and strength of individual vehicle components.

All tests are carried out in accordance with national and international standards and UN Regulations.

Vehicle tests with regard to braking

  • vehicle tests with regard to braking performance for compliance with the requirements of UN Regulations and national standards of the Russian Federation

  • tests of braking actuators of all types and their components

  • assessment of energy load of braking mechanisms and efficiency of their cooling

  • determination of energy recuperation levels during hybrid and electrically-driven vehicles’ braking

Vehicle stability and steerability tests

  • vehicle tests with regard to stability and steerability for compliance with the requirements of UN Regulations, international standards and national standards of the Russian Federation

  • research and tests of vehicles equipped with automatic ESC systems

  • assessment of structural alterations afflicting the stability and steerability of the vehicle

  • R&D in promising areas of automated driving

  • vehicle tests to determine the characteristics of stability and steerability in critical driving modes

  • expert assessment of vehicles in the operational driving modes

ADAS research and testing

  • collision avoidance systems

  • automatic emergency braking systems

  • lane departure systems

  • lane keep systems

  • adaptive cruise-control systems

Wheels and tyres testing

  • tyres assessment with regard to noise level, adhesion to the wet and snow-covered surfaces

  • assessment of tyres influence on the vehicles’ performance in summer and winter conditions

  • determination of readability, reliability and tyre life

  • assessment of road surface wear by winter tyres with anti-skid studs

  • testing of wheels for corrosion resistance, strength under cyclic and shock loading

  • testing of coupling and anti-theft devices


Vibration and acoustics tests