6. Alpine track circuit

The track is intended for mileage accumulation tests for reliability (durability, non-failure operation) assessment of vehicles of all types under increased loads of transmission units, brake systems, steering, tyres, as well as for tests to assess the stability and controllability of the vehicle under these conditions.


  • the track has 6 curves in plane with radii of 20, 30, 40, 50, 64 and 80 m;

  • the carriageway width of straight sections is 7 m, and for the radii of curves in the plane - 9 m;

  • transverse slopes of the carriageway are no more than 3%;

  • - longitudinal slopes of the carriageway are no more than 8%;

  • length of the "serpentine" is 1.241 km;

  • total length, including slopes of 12 and 16% and service roads (exits) is 2.044 km.


The surface is cement concrete on a crushed stone base.


Tracks layout


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