16. Mud section

The section is intended for testing vehicles in conditions simulating off-road using a layer of test soil of various consistency and depth, testing tyres adhesion with the ground and such experiments.


  • trough length is 40 m;

  • length with an estimated depth of 0.5 m is 30 m;

  • trough width is 5 m;

  • longitudinal slope of entry and exit is 10%;

  • maximum depth of the mud layer (test soil) is 0.5 m.


  • mud-filled trough;

  • a platform for storage and preparation of soil mixtures;

  • anchor block for dynamo metering of traction forces and evacuation of vehicles;

  • the road that closes the circuit.


The shallow wading trough is made of monolithic hydraulic concrete reinforced with steel mesh.


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