17. Sand testing section

The section is intended for vehicle flotation testing and mileage accumulation tests when driving on sandy soil.

The section is designed as a horizontal concrete tray filled with a sand mixture of a certain granulometric composition.


  • circuit for mileage accumulation tests with a total length of 0.636 km, with two straight sections 200 m long and 5.0 m wide (6.5 m on the curves in the plane), with 0.6 m layer of sand;

  • 0.15 km long, 10 m wide straight lane for comparative runs during flotation research, covered with up to 1 m layer of sand;

  • a platform for circular driving with a maximum radius of the trajectory of 27.5 m, with 0.6 m layer of sand;

  • a lane with asphalt concrete pavement along the external contour of the section for acceleration of the vehicle before entering the sand-covered track at a given speed.


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