Test-drives and presentations

In addition to scientific activities, the “NAMI” Testing Center provides a number of additional services for organizing and holding events of various kinds and formats, such as test drives, presentations, conferences and seminars, free races, weekend races, club events, training races, car competitions and other.

We have everything you need to implement a variety of projects. This is a unique complex of road structures, more than 15 types of test tracks, with a total length of more than 110 km on an overall area of more than 25 square kilometers. Many tracks are equipped with stationary lighting and electricity.

We have our own technical and production complex, which includes:


Vehicle fleet with a repair shop - warm workshops equipped with lifting mechanisms and inspection pits; various types of special equipment, cars and buses. We are pleased to provide our customers with a range of services for washing and cosmetic maintenance of both cars and trucks, using professional equipment and high-quality detergents from leading manufacturers. We can provide transfer in all directions, by cars, comfortable buses and minibuses.


Premises equipped with modern multimedia devices and all necessary communications for static comparison, conferences and trainings, namely:

  • conference hall for 220 people

  • meeting rooms

  • classrooms with a capacity of 10 to 60 people


Qualified personnel:

  • instructors and test drivers

  • legal support and IT service

  • cleaning service and security service

  • technical specialists (carpenters, electricians, locksmiths, road workers, etc.)


We have our own filling station, where various types of fuel are presented for your convenience.


About 400 parking spaces in the protected area of the industrial complex.


At our disposal we have awning structures, an arched tent with a floor, heating devices and necessary furniture, a portable music installation with horn loudspeakers and microphones, generators of various capacities, mobile dry closet cabins and much more.


Convenient transport links will allow you to easily reach us both by your own vehicle and by public transport (from 05:20 to 22:00, with an interval of 15-25 minutes, route No. 41).