Vibration and acoustics tests

One of the most important environmental problems is noise pollution from different types of transport. Residents of large cities, especially those living along highways, suffer the most from acoustic discomfort.

According to research data, traffic noise can shorten life by 8-12 years.

It’s quite natural that the fight against noise, with the aim of improving the conditions of work, rest and life, has acquired a paramount importance in recent years.

The research works include the following areas:

  • comparative tests for the development of target parameters

  • spectral processing of sound and vibration signal

  • modal analysis of a vehicle and its subsystems

  • dynamic stiffness research

  • determination of noise and vibration transmission pathways

  • separation of noise sources by origin

  • subjective assessment

  • assessment of the gas-dynamic and structural components of intake and exhaust noise

Tests on assessing the noise, general and local vibrations

  • testing of vehicles and components with regard to vibro-acoustic properties for compliance with the requirements of TR CU 018/2011, UN Regulations and national standards of the Russian Federation

  • testing of tractors with regard to vibro-acoustic properties for compliance with the requirements of TR CU 031/2012

Tests of accident emergency call systems for compliance with the requirements for the quality of loud-speaking communication in the vehicle cabin

The main goal of creating the ERA-GLONASS system is to reduce the time of information delivery about an accident to accident emergency services, which, in turn, reduces the death rate of drivers and passengers of vehicles involved in an accident.

In case of an emergency call, among other things, a voice connection is established between the persons in the compartment (cabin) of the vehicle and the operators of the ERA-GLONASS system or accident emergency services. The efficiency of the system largely depends on the quality of the voice loudspeaker communication.


Road barriers tests